And yes, God is still good

On the way to San Jose...Actually Comitancillo, we went through a town called San Marcos.

We don't care too much for this town because it's really difficult to find our way through. The streets are narrow, crowded and steep. Every time we drive through it we take a different route because we can't remember how we got through the maze last time.

Enrique was pulled up at a light. I was behind him pointed at about 2 O'clock because I was going around a parked taxi on my left. The light turned and so did Enrique. To our right a chicken bus was trying to wedge his way past me. The only problem with that is I was actually IN his way. So I honked and honked and screamed in spanish but, like always, he didn't hear and continued to scrape by me. Most of the paint washed off the dent due to the rain but it was a really pretty red and green.

So as we (Jenny, Deacon and I) are getting pushed into the taxi and the fender scratched by the bus, I remember thinking, "Hm. Not much I can do here."

After the bus had 'passed' I got out, locked the doors and calmly, thanks to Jenny's prayers, looked the damage over and watched in disbelief as the bus drove off. The taxi driver wasn't that upset and thankfully the traffic cop who witnessed the whole think seemed to think I was not at fault.

Enrique and I then went with the cop to the bus company owners house (weird, I know, but it's Guatemala) and talked to him. Then we went to see the actual bus owner while Enrique called the insurance company. We have bang up insurance. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little. Oh, Jenny, Chrissie, Deacon and Marissa were safely locked up in the trucks waiting for our return.

So the guy who owns the bus company talked just slightly more mumbly than Mush-Mouth from Fat Albert.
I was trying really hard to understand him but there was just no way. I got about 40% of what he was saying and I figured that he just wanted to pay us for the accident instead of going through the insurance. Why? Because that's what people do in the states. But we're not in the states so I brought Enrique in to help. The guy just wanted to make sure we knew he was available in case we had any problems. That's all. I have a lot to learn.

After that we loaded up and went to Comi. The pastor's seminar was just fantastic. The Lord really brought it together. Well received, no one fell asleep. A wonderful time of ministry. Thank you for your prayers. Praise God for His faithfulness. Wreck and all, He proves He is still good.

I do have some sort of bug - trying to figure out if I should wait it out or blast it with something. Es la vida.

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Rob and Becky said...

Glad you are ok. What an adventure...