Volcanoes anyone?

Since we live in Guatemala I thought it would be cool to start studying volcanoes and coffee. So I've begun reading things on the web and researching volcanoes - coffee will be next.

In particular I am interested in a volcano named Santa Maria and another little one near it named Santiaguito.

This is a picture I took one morning. The volcano on the right is Santa Maria. The little one going off in front is Santiaguito. If you're interested or just bored head to Wikipedia

We actually live on the other side of the big volcano but we see Santiaguito vent every day from our house. We're really close to it. Santa Maria erupted in 1902 and blew the SW part off into a crater. Santiaguito (the little one) formed in 1922.

I read that between 1,500-5,000 folks were killed in these eruptions and in 1902 1/2 a meter of ash was dumped on Xela (the city where we live) during the 19 day eruption. Ash made it as far as San Francisco.

So that gets me thinking. I live within photo distance of one of the Decade Volcanoes: a group of volcanoes that are active and near a lot of people. And I guess there is a level of danger that is present that I wouldn't have back in the FlowerPlex. I know there are tornadoes and flash floods but they aren't quite as far-reaching as a volcano eruption. I'm in the process of preparing disaster kits in the honestly unlikely event of Santa Maria blowing her top - but what else do you do? The Lord called us to Guatemala. There are volcanoes and earthquakes here. Most of the time it's no big deal, but there is always the threat of something pretty awful happening here with the volcano dumping ash everywhere.

I will prepare, but the reality is that we could be killed in a volcano eruption just as we would be killed in a tornado in Texas and there's isn't a whole lot I can do about it and I refuse to live life here on planet earth paralyzed by the fear of the unknowable - even if it is a probable unknown.
So - I'll study volcanoes and if whoever keeps an eye on things says Santa Maria is about to blow I reckon we'll head out of town. And we'll trust the Lord to take care of us. He was King over the flood, right?

How do you deal with this type of thing?


Mike Messerli said...

bring me some raw beans when you come back to Texas. Love to get some fresh beans.

looking forward to seeing you.

Ian said...

Have an emergency bug-out kit (including fuel), be ready to go at a moment's notice & watch for the signs. You'll be fine.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I'll do what I can Mike. you'd be surprised how difficult it is to buy great coffee here - they export all of it. My plan is to get in with one of the coffee finca's (farms) and go that route.

It'd be nice to get some raw beans...I think i'm too high up to grow my own.