Spring anyone?

It's funny the things you miss.

So Spring has always been my favorite season in Texas. I'm not sure why, really, I just like it. Maybe it's the end of cold weather (although I like cold weather) but I think it's that earth wakes back up in the spring. Grass turns green again, trees pop out another round of leaves and flowers pop up everywhere - it's bluebonnet time. The weather is great - I love big storms - and, I don't know - I just like it.

There is no spring in Guatemala. Just 'winter' and 'summer'. There is a rainy season and a dry one and depending on who you ask the rainy one is winter and the dry one is summer but no one agrees on that. There are 4 'seasons' but just because the US has them and we have the year broken up into quarters. But really, there's no huge shifts in temperature where we live. It's between 40-80 degrees most days. Rarely hotter than 80 and rarely colder than 40. I mean, it's great. Perfect weather.

But I miss the spring. Spring breaks happened and we had no idea here. All the markers we had for what time of year it is have changed. I can look at a calendar but that just tells me what the date is - it doesn't 'feel' like spring here. I reckon it will in the future, but for now, it's got me a little off kilter.

See, here, it feels like April-almost-May to every Guatemalan. But I'm not a Guatemalan. And so I don't feel the seasons like they do. The only difference here is that it's a little colder or hotter and it either rains or it doesn't. And I'm just not used to that. So its weird. Deacon will grow up 'feeling' the seasons like a Guatemalan so maybe I can ask him to explain it to me in a couple of years.

But for now, I miss the Spring.

Oh, here's a picture of our puppy, Bela:

Yeah, she's cute. Because of her we now get up at 5:45, but at least we can get some things done that way. I'm actually just now starting to like her. She's almost house-broken. I know, I know, how could you not like such a cute puppy? Well, I can give you a list I guess but I like her now. At least more than I used to. The reality is that we wanted a DOG not a puppy but this seemed like the best way to reach our desired goal. Valer la pena - it's worth it.


Ian S. said...

Now that's a cute puppy.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yeah she is. Having a puppy is the closest thing I can think of to having a baby. Doesn't last near that long though - and I can't use a choker chain on Deacon. :-)

El Ruso said...

¡Por supuesto vale pena! ¡QuĂ© lindo perrito!


Joye said...

Bela is named for...Bela Fleck? Bela Bartok? Bela Lugosi? He's a cutie. I'm so glad you guys are back online. As for spring, Denton got 10 inches of rain a couple of days ago, flooding everywhere, and we had a tornado hit Flower Mound! Unbelievable. In four months, we'll be begging for water. That's Texas for ya.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Bela is Italian for beauty or beautiful. Bella is the Spanish word, but we thought Deacon could say "Bell-a" easier than "Bay-ya". We're were wrong. Silly of us, I guess, since he's learning to speak in Guatemala. I'd say Bela Fleck if we had to pick one, though.

Tornadoes in FM? Good grief!

Anne said...

did anyone tell you it was like 40 degrees on Easter? That was interesting. We were all bundled in coats and scarves for sunrise service, but the sunrise was beautiful.

OCDmunkey said...

Shoot me another e-mail, wouldya? I wanna talk Samoan

Brandon and Jenny said...

Anne - they told me it snowed Easter. Is that right?

Protestants here don't make a big deal about Easter - they want to separate from the Catholic folks. Sad.