A little catch-up

Well, eventually, things get done here in Guatemala. We were scheduled to get the DSL the monday after Easter. We got it day before yesterday. And yes, we actually have DSL in Guatemala. Can't drink the water, but at least we're reconnected.

So, what have we been up to?

Let's see.

Spanish: Still in school. I have a tutor come m-f from 2-6. We're moving through the verb tenses (there are 24) and things are good. Jenny's zooming through things and is ahead of me in the language because, we'll, she's really smart. But I'm very happy with things thus far. Good days and bad days as far as that goes. I suggest learning another language to anyone - it's an incredibly humbling experience.

RMI: Our job is learning Spanish so that's prettymuch what we do. Visited a few churches, etc and looking toward the future. Lots of exciting opportunities to serve.

Jenny and Deacon: Man. Jenny's foot is good. She ain't running marathons, but she can at least climb the stairs without crutches. THANK YOU to all of you who prayed for her. She's doing great. May take 6 months for her foot to get back to normal, but we're just so happy it's ok. Deacon is my baby earthquake - that's his nickname here: terremoto. He's a hoot and we just love him so much. He's certainly full of life and loves to RUN and get into things. He eats and runs like a horse.

As for me, well, all in all things are good. Moving to Guatemala ain't easy. Anyone who says it is is lying. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But that's not a bad thing. Hard is good for me. And I'll share more of that later. For now, just know that I'll actually be blogging again. Hopefully those of you who read this will drop back by and poke around. I can tell you that it's a really nice way of staying connected with those we love.

So if you would, praise God with us, because He is faithful and just and good and THERE whenever you call out to Him. And I love Him more now than I ever have. How great the Father's love for us!

Oh - here's a picture of the Xela (shay-luh) valley - we live somewhere in the middle of the picture closer to the foot of the mountains in La Esperanza. Cool view, huh? Especially for a kid from Dallas.


Rob and Becky said...

Just want you to know, I am poking around...

Love you guys...thanks for the update.

Brent said...

That's a cool view. But you should see Irving at sunset!


Brandon and Jenny said...

Sunset over Texas Stadium - trying to make me homesick? ;-)

Everything looks good from that high up. At street level I reckon most folks would prefer Irving.

Maybe not though.

Aaron and Danielle said...

Hey Guys! Glad you're back online. We missed reading your blogs. We MISS you too!! We would absolutely love to skype with you. We have a holiday next week, so we will have some extra time. Wanna talk sometime next week?? Our internet is better in the morning (our time, we're 12 hrs ahead of Eastern Time). So do you have an evening that works for you? Just let us know! Love you guys!

OCDmunkey said...

Shoot me an e-mail , would ya?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Aaron and Danielle!

Woohoo! Are you kidding, yes we want to skype with you guys. Next week (or any week) would be great. We'll let you know when would be a good time.

Ok, so right now we are at mountain time so that puts us 10 hours behind you, right?