Hello from Guatemala

Wow. Sorry about that.

We moved out of the guesthouse and into our own house and we don't have an internet connection yet. We're in the City so we have it for now.

8-15 days before installation is just a suggestion here.


Jenny's foot is good. We go to the doctor Wednesday (we think) to get it looked at. She's VERY ready to be back on both feet.

I'll get you updates later. We should have the internet installed this week.


Mike Messerli said...


great to hear from you. I was wondering about you guys. Glad you are well.

Joye said...

I'm so glad to know Jenny's foot is healing well. And that y'all are okay. Love you guys.

mutating missionary said...

Ich verstehe.

I remember when I moved in - I thought, "Well, at least it is not a 3rd world country - I won't be out of connection for long." Ohhhh
It was 5 or 6 months before it all got straightened out. And even now, I have lost it for 2 months running.
I pray for you and yours.
Tell Jenny - I feel for her. Going to a hospital in a foreign country - God must have surrounded her in such a beautiful way.