The wonder of waiting

Every time I read Psalm 27 I get something different. I guess its because I'm always at a different point in life. I dunno.

The end is what gets me:

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD
In the and of the living.
Wait for the LORD;
Be strong and let your heart take courage;
Yes, wait for the LORD.

Right now I'm trying to learn Spanish and it's taking awhile. So I pray and ask the the Holy Spirit would help me learn faster, better than if I had no help. To move be beyond my natural ability to learn language. But sometimes He just wants me to wait.

And so I wait. I work and I wait and I get frustrated. And some days the frustration is great, others its not so bad. But I'm not a quick study. I'm a deep study, but not a quick one. So I sort of plod on. Then I read this today and I was reminded that waiting on the Lord is an act of worship. It's a demonstration of my trust in Him.

And that there's where it is.

There's no magic spell and phrases like "hurry up and wait" are only funny for awhile. I know I'll get this language sooner or later. It just takes time. "Poco a poco" they tell me, "little by little" And I think much of life is like that. So, one word at a time, the Lord is teaching me Spanish. And I'll keep working and waiting. Every new word is another glimpse into the heart of folks here, another opportunity to learn something new about people, a little closer to being able to share life with people here.

And that's worth the wait.


hearthomekids said...

One morning you will wake up and realize you've been dreaming in Spanish! It will come.

spartacus21 said...

so this psalm has become a recent favorite of mine. the waiting game is rough but it's so worth it.

victim of suburbia said...

hey, i hear you will be having some visitors from the north soon.

hope you guys are doing well.

A Mutating Missionary... said...

I know that you are way too busy to post right now. Iknow that feeling. I pray Jen is doing better. But, I did want to comment on this blog. I understand, I am experiencing the same frustration/joy/pain/excitement/confusion/humility/ and most of all winding me into depending on Him, deepening all the more day in and day out - with every word, every concept.
Praying for you three