Ok then

Jenny is doing great. She is back home and surrounded by lots of friends. The tendon that connected her big toe (allowed her to lift it up) was completely severed by the glass. She went into surgery at 4:00 yesterday where the Dr. opened the wound, reconnected the tendon, and sewed her back up. She has a cast that looks like a plaster house shoe. She will be on crutches for 3 weeks and is pretty-well bed-ridden form 3 days while she has to keep her foot elevated.

The surgery could not have gone better.

Thank you so much for praying. Jenny was all alone in the OR with only people that speak Spanish and she said all she felt was the peace of God and His presence in there with her. I guess she wasn’t alone after all.

Thank you again. We love and miss all you guys


Daniel said...


Scary stuff. Glad surgery went well.

Joye said...

Wow, I thought it would've just been from swelling or something. A severed tendon! If she was here, she'd be surrounded by busy CBC bees vying for the opportunity to help out. I hope she has a ministering angel there to assist. If that angel is you, ALL the better! :) Tell her we love her and are praying for speedy recovery.

A Mutating Missionary said...

being so far away and hurt!
I am praying for you ALL!
Take care of her Brandon.
Blessings on your endeavors
Tell Jenny - YOU GO GIRL! GIT BETTER!!!!!!
And then give her a hug and a smile from me. What a wonderful testimony of our Lord's peace that passes all understanding.

Mike Messerli said...

Ok, about an update? How are you? What's going on? Talk to us!

Zach said...

That's horrifying.

Severed tendons give me the jim-jams