A little help please

We drove to a place called Los Encuentros to buy some Guatemalan furniture. It looks great and was cheap and helped some Guatemalans out. It's supposed to be a 90 minute drive from Xela where we live.

We left at 7 and got there a little after 10 because there was a lot of construction. And, may I tell you, It's a mad, mad world out there.

There are buses which run direct from Guatemala city to Xela. They are orange and green and are unspeakably frightening to me. They are simply insane. Imagine a Yellow school bus packed with 50-60 people squealing down mountain roads, passing left and right (on a 2 lane road) and just nuts. Plain nuts!

And we hit an oil slick. Thankfully the lord gave me pretty good reflexes.

Anyway, so we made it and bought furniture. I was trying to figure out the best way to fit it in the back of the pickup underneath the topper. I had only a few feet of rope. The guy we bought the stuff from could not have been more than 21 or so. Sweet little wife sold us the stuff. And he had some yellow twine I asked if I could buy. So I get the twine and am tying things down and it's just not fitting. I didn't bring blankets or anything - totally unprepared. And I can't get the rope to stay tight because I forgot the right knot.

And so I sat back a little defeated and this young with wood-stained carpenter hands reaches in and says a few things in a Mayan language I don't know and starts tying the right knot, making things tight. And I sat there as he leaned in I watched and I learned and I smelled this man who makes things of wood. He finished and then I thanked him. I needed a little help and he gave it when I did not ask and that was ok with me.

I came here to help other folks, but the reality is that I need a lot more help than they do most of the time. I'm glad that I need other people who look and smell and talk and listen differently than I do. I'm glad because my Savior loves all those all those people and it's when I had to sit back and be helped that I remembered that God made humans to need each other.

It's a good place to be.


Kathy said...

I smiled reading about the carpenters hands who reached in to help you out even when you didn't know how to ask.

Reminds me of another carpenter who does that day after day....

Schweers' Mom said...

What a great post, Brandon! Thanks!

Mike Messerli said...

yeah, way cool. well written...and Kathy, you beat me to the observation, but I agree...what a neat statement about the carpenters hands.

thanks, Brandon. you are blessed and a blessing.

Daniel said...


¿Qué están diciendo los guatemalenses en cuanto a la llegada del presidente de los estados unidos? Si no tienes ganas de hablar de eso… está bien. De todos modos, Espero que todo vaya muy bien para ti y tu familia en Guatemala.

Cuídate mucho mi amigo!

stephanie said...

wonderful story!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey! Thanks for the input!

It's just a great thing to need other people.

Daniel, folks here are mad about US immigration. They don't care much for the war in Iraq, but they care too little to protest. Immigration, however, is pretty touchy. We do a lot of listening on that subject.