We have not signed a treaty aboard an aircraft carrier, but we are getting a LOT less bug bites.

Deacon and I marked our bites with a sharpie so we could tell when we had new ones and we're 2 days now with only 1 or 2 new bites each night. So we think that there are pockets of resistance which we will nuke as soon as we can. I figure the turnaround for bug-revolutions is pretty quick so best strike while the iron's hot.

Thanks, and I really mean thanks, for all your advice and support. I know it's just life on the mission field, but it sure is nice to have folks who care. Community is uber-cool. Thanks.


Now I can start blogging about things a little less, ah, infestationish.

And God has really been teaching us alot...can't wait to tell you.

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