When you see that word, what do you think of?



In Guatemala, it means only one thing

We went to this market yesterday to look for a few things for the house. We got an earthen pot I think to put towels in. Ask Jenny. The Guatemalans use these to cook in. You should have seen the food.

And a big galvanized tub for Deacon's toys. Some great mugs for chocolate or coffee and I think a basket. Oh. And we got this:

Not the boy, the table and chairs! How cute is that!

But we experienced the smells and sounds of the market. They sell everything. Kitchen gadgets, salted fish, pots and pans, posters, beds, tables, machetes - I mean everything you could think of. DVD's (pirated of course), candy, FOOD oh man, the food. It's just amazing to see all these people put up tarps and little booths and hock their wares. And I'm way too tall to walk under the tarps. Lots of ducking.

We brought two friends of ours from Guatemala and they haggled prices for us because, honestly, white = wealthy here and we can't get a good price unless there's a tag on it. And for course, for Guatemala, we are wealthy. But man, I wish you could have seen it with us. Just imagine:

You smell body odor mixed with cooking corn tortillas and fried chicken. Your body is constantly bumped and moving. The air, thick with cooking fire smoke, fills with shouted Spanish and whispered Kiche as a Mayan woman in her traditional dress, colorful as the 4th of July, haggles the price of an enormous cooking pot. The heavy odor of salted fish slap your nose as you handle hand-made mugs, trying to find 4 matches. A price, a haggle, another price, and whispers up the volume. Hands wave in the air and heads shake the dust from their hair. It's settled. Carefully, very carefully, you count out money. Let no one see what you have. Fold the bills stained as a tea bag and trade them for your mugs. And hold your items close. It's been a good purchase.

It's so much fun and it made me think of markets in Bible times and how it really hasn't changed that much here. The stuff is different, but just the feel of the think - a real market economy and it's all in cash. Don't whip out your Visa here unless you want it pick-pocketed.

It made me love where we are and so that's a really good thing. Because I do not love this place everyday. But the Lord's working on a equilibrium. Roller coasters are only so long.

Thanks for looking.


Anne said...

Who says you have to have matching mugs?? I like it when they don't match. The markets sounds cool!!

Mike Messerli said...

It sounds more like a vacation than work. glad that there are good days to go with the hard ones. glad that God is working. Overall, how are you?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey - what are Saturdays for?

And we're doing very well. I'll call you.

Oh, and the mugs didn't end up matching anyway, Anne. We think its better that way too.

Zach said...

Wow, Deacon is getting big!

samantha louise said...

Well, what can I say... that would certainly be a different experience than your typical shopping center!