A little lighter

Because Zippo's are too heavy....

Just kidding.

I was listening to some music yesterday and U2's "Walk On" came on. What a great song.
We have thing thing, faith, and it's a little odd because we have to believe in a place to go there but the place is real. Interesting. But the really cool part is that we WILL go there someday and the whole family of faith will be there together. Even cooler.

So for those of you who are having a crummy, awful or even just a blah day, remember where we're headed, even if it seems a really long way off: we're still headed there. And we're headed there together.


Mike Messerli said...
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Mike Messerli said...

Sorry, made a typo....couldn't fix it.

But what I wanted to say is, THANKS, I NEEDED THAT!

I hope your days are going well. Love you,brother!