Happy monday!

Man. We had a great weekend. Deacon is getting fewer bites. They're not all gone, but there are less of them. We went to our new house and started really planning how we're going to manage moving in. Jenny and I put Deacon to bed early and watched Fun with Dick and Jane and split a pint of Hagen-Dazs. Not a bad time.

I mean, I got a little sick and Jenny's fighting Deacon's cold, but that's just the way of things. We also visited a new church, Agua Vida (Living Water) on Sunday. It's a pentecostal church. Now all you stuffies getting that worried feeling in your stomach, quit it. We aren't changing doctrines. But the worship was great. Too loud for poor Deacon, but at least folks there were free to worship how they pleased. And we understood some of the words! There was a testimony about God providing you with a closet full of clothes and new shoes just before the offertory. That irked me pretty bad. But what we heard of the sermon was decent. But it felt like that church had seen churches on TV in America and just copied what they did and that made me really sad. Because churches in the US don't always get it right and, I don't know, I like it when Guatemalan churches look different even if only a little.

So we're still in the church hunt. Please pray we find one close to our new home so that we can be close to the people in our church. We're dying for Guatemalan community to start and, honestly, we want to make church friends here. Because we miss all of you at CBC quite a lot. A whole lot, really. So thank you for loving us.

Now onto more Spanish verbs!

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Joye said...

So glad Deacon has fewer bites. Poor little dude.

Finding a new church is sooo hard, even in English! I'll sure be lifting up your prayer request for one close to home.