I have learned a new word:


It's Spanish for Bed Bug.

And we have them.

You know, I hate bugs. I'm allergic to wasps and grew up in Texas where Fire Ants are the dominant foreign invaders. I don't like june bugs or roaches (especially roaches) or, well, I don't hate all bugs. Ladybugs eat aphids, Praying Mantises are cool and butterflys. But that's about it.

Bed bugs. They bite Deacon, you know. Sweet baby Deacon so full of happy and life. 36 bites we counted. And we are angry.

So we did what the Guatemalans told us. We soaked his bedclothes in boiling water. We sprayed our whole house with bug spray and let it air out for a day.

And this morning I think he has new bites. Sigh.

So we're taking him to the doctor to see what he thinks. I have probably close to 100 bites. I'm bigger. They itch for 10 days. Jenny has, thankfully, only a few.

Pinche Chinches. I learned that's a sort-of bad word in Guatemala, a curse of sorts. Don't go saying it in church, but it's ok for the bugs.

We'll see what to do next.

6 weeks more and we get a new bed. A fresh, bug free bed. And a clean house with no bed bugs. Yet. But I can prevent them. There are ways the Guatemalans know. And they are skilled at fighting their enemies. We shall be victors.

Go ahead and say it: "Pinche Chinches". (Peen-che Cheen-che's). Say it with venom. Feels good huh? Yeah. It does.


Brent said...

If you've ever seen Caddyshack with Bill Murray saying "chinche bugs"...well, that's funny.

But I don't think what you're going through is funny. Not unless you think round's funny...

Brandon and Jenny said...

AH, yes....Caddyshack.

And round ain't funny.


Mike Messerli said...

Can that be used as profanity? It might be a good way to vent...just a thought.

I will pray for their demise.

Lindsay said...

That really stinks. Sorry to hear that. We found fire ants in one of our kids' beds once. I totally understand your anger. The mayo clinic website says that bird and bat habitats (as one may find in one's attic) harbor bedbug infestations, even after extermination. Be sure your new house is free of winged houseguests! Love you guys.

Lindsay said...

oh, and vacuum,vacuum,vacuum!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Well, I use it as profanity anyway...cover your ears!

Thanks for the info, Lindsay. There is nowhere for flying critters to live in our new house, thankfully. All concrete block, so no termites.

And we are buying a vacuum this week! Jenny can't wait.

Daniel said...

Hey Brandon. I don't know if you will read this, it's already an old post. Be careful with the word pinche, it more or less means the f* word but not quite as harsh as dropping an f-bomb in english. As far as swearing goes Mexicans for instance usually op for the word chingar (worse than our f-word), there is another word that means also means that but is I think more or less describing the action of that verb (joder).

So pinche, chingar (probably won't hear in Guatemala), and joder (also probably won't hear that much) are often translated as our f* word but have different uses.

Depending on who you are talking to the word pinche can be quite offensive.

Hope Deacon recovers.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Wow. Thanks, Daniel. Duly noted. They say you'll make a million mistakes learning a new language. I'd like to not make those kind.

Daniel said...

:) I will let you know sometime about the worst mistake I ever made speaking Spanish. I might have already told you but once I accidentally said the word sh** when I mixed up words trying to explain a bible story... I don't think it gets much worse than that. It's something I won't ever forget...

Daniel said...

P.S. Brando... turns out it may not be as offensive in Guatemala as it is in Mexico.

Take a look if your bored.
Glad your giving those critters hell. :)