Apology accepted

Well, apologies ain't easy in Spanish either.

We live in a guest house that is on a pretty busy street. Sometimes there are cars blocking the entrance and I can't get the truck in and it's a pretty good-sized truck with the topper and all.

Well, we had to run some errands the other day and when we got back home there was no way I could get the truck in. So I left it on the street until later.

Well, later came and went and at about 8:45 I was getting ready to go play football (soccer) with some nationals. I was nervous and excited because I'm 30 and not exactly at my peak athletically but really wanted to build those relationships. Anyway - I had to pull the truck in first. And there was a big red bus just in the way. So I tried for 10 minutes backing in and out until I thought I had it - I didn't.

I scratched the door and fender panels pretty good. And my ego got scuffed up a bit too.

Well, I was pretty upset. I had damaged the truck, held up traffic for 10 minutes, missed playing soccer and was in a pretty foul mood. The woman who owns the guest house (a very understanding and patient lady, by the way) told me that if I had just been keeping a better watch I would have known that there was no bus there 2 hours before.

I basically threw my hands up and said thanks and walked away. Not too gracious.

The next day I told her I owed her an apology and she wouldn't even let me get it out. Apparently (according to a Guatemalan friend of ours) apologies, especially for sort of minor things, are not common at all - but really good. She was really understanding. So I ate a little crow and learned how to offer an apology in Spanish. And I learned that people, even those who don't know the Lord, can show more grace that I do.

Some days it's funny being human.

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samantha louise said...

I liked reading this. I love your honesty. it's refreshing!