I feel like I'm on a Big Orange tubeslide. It's fun and staticky.

Much has happened since my last blog. Sorry for the delay.

We have returned to Guatemala (praise God) and flew out with no trouble at all. Apparently we hit one of the few windows where we could leave DFW. The Lord knows what He's doing.

Our apartment is fine and feels like home. Although our return was dampened a but when we found rat feces all over our kitchen. Sigh. That's correct. 3 Rats had made a nest in the ceiling above our kitchen. They never entered into the kitchen, but the ceiling here is just a dropped bead-board looking ceiling and when the cats rumble like bowling ball on the roof, it knocked rat poo down. So we have caught the rats (well, at least one) and bleached the universe and are on the lookout. So far Deacon has not eaten any.

Next week we travel out to Comitancillo for the week to visit about sister church business. More on that tomorrow. We will enjoy the time but it is another week not at home. We're starting to get used to that. Well, no we're not, but it is what it is. At least we'll be together.

I had about a 4 day spell where I didn't even open the Bible. Pretty sad for a missionary, I know. Just very tired. It seems like our whole family is like that. but the past 2 days I have been (by the Lord's grace) getting up early enough to listen the my Father before the day begins. Sure makes for better days.

Oh, goodness! We have our truck! I'll get pictures and update all on that also. Ok. I have to go play with Deacon so Jenny can get a little time in the Word. A pretty good trade all things considered.


Tina said...

So happy to hear you made it home safely. Hope everyone is doing well!

Mike Messerli said...

great to hear that you are home. thanks for keeping us updated. we are praying for you, and miss you already....I really didn't get enough time with you while you were here, guess I will have to come down and see you there...

Brandon and Jenny said...

I know....never enough time!

And come on down! We're going to have a house in April! We can get really good coffee here.