So my brother, Ian, had a cat named Inky. She has gone to kitty heaven where there are no dogs, fresh tuna appears every morning and the sandboxes are always open. You can read his tribute to her on his blog. It's wonderful.

But it made me think about life here on planet earth. It's short and for most of our beloved critters it always ends too soon. The Lord created all these great animals and He's even let us come up with a few of our own; especially some cool dogs. And they are important to most of us. Jenny and I have one cat, Samoa, and had another, Banjo, who is still MIA but assumed dead. We haven't been able to take Samoa with us to Guatemala yet, but we're hoping to get her down there sometime this year. We miss her. She's currently renting a garage apartment at my parent's house.

Why does the Lord give us critters? He made Adam to rule creation; had him name the animals, etc. I've heard lots of speculation about what the animals were like before the Fall and I like to think about it too. When the serpent spoke to Eve, no one seemed surprised. Could animals talk then? Who knows. How many of our favorite stories involve talking animals? But we as humans are the stewards of critters and it's nice to reap some of the benefits. Critters we have as pets (dogs and cats, birds, lizards and snakes - the list goes on) bring companionship in a world where people are often pretty unreliable. Animals can be loyal far better than most people and, well, given that they can't talk back, they sure make good listeners. As a kid we had a veritable menagerie. At one time we had 4 dogs, 2 birds and I think 5 cats. We had a beagle, Bruno, for 18 years. I was 16 when she died. My parents had a cat named Grungy (I know - but you should have seen her) for over 20. Most marriages don't last that long! But these critters did. And we loved them. And in their own very real way, they loved us too.

So here's to critters! They make messes and cost us money but we keep 'em around. Maybe because we need to. Maybe it's a way of reminding us of life in the Garden, a glimpse of heaven where wolf and lamb will lie together. Maybe they'll be able to chat a little then. We could sure use a lesson in listening.

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Joye said...

Yes, here's to critters! They listen attentively, they love unequivocally, they accept unjudgmentally. Well, maybe not cats, but at least they let you love on 'em!