Catch up

We're in Comitancillo. Have been all week. We finally got the internet on Tuesday, could send e-mails by Wednesday, and I think we're caught up with all that.

LOTS going on!

Here is a picture of our new truck!

Pretty cool. God provides! Thank you for all of you who prayed and gave! Praise God! We will get a topper on the back next week and then we will be done with stuff for the truck.

The truck is in the courtyard of the guesthouse where we live. Although only for about 6-8 more weeks....more on that another day.

We have been driving to visit with potential sister churches here in Guatemala. Ministry here is proving to be quite a bit more fluid and we are seeking God as to what direction He desires for the ministry to go. All good things! We drove to visit a church yesterday and the day before. This is a breathtakingly beautiful country. I mean - wow. Anyway, we examined their basic doctrine (which is a lot of fun when it's orthodox - and both were) and talked about the sister church program with them. Very exciting stuff. Today we will meet with several leaders in the area about the possibility of initiating a Compassion Intl. type program here called Hope for Kids. Please pray about all these things.

Ok. Something else...

In the 50th anniversary edition of Through Gates of Splendor Elisabeth Elliot adds an epilogue giving some of her thoughts after so many years. In it she says that we in the church, especially I think those in 'leadership', are buffoons. "a ludicrous figure, a clown, a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person." Wow. And that stuck with me. Because we are buffoons. We are redeemed, righteous buffoons who are indwelt with the mighty Spirit of God, but compared to Him, compared to who He is, we are clowns. And God has chosen in His mercy to allow His body to be made up of us. I think we in the church, and I speak to include myself, often forget that we are not the Head. Christ is. We act out of autonomy far too much. A body without a head is just a lump of matter - dead. But for some reason it seems that we have tried to take the reigns from the infinitely capable hands of the Lord Jesus - and we've been doing it for awhile now.

I discovered yesterday while looking out a window at the countryside here that I'm not the most ambitious person. I don't mean that I'm a slacker, but only that I am pretty slow to act - often out of fear - and that has always bothered me. Now fear has no place in the life of the believer. None. But I think a little hesitation, just enough to remember that we are not the Head of the body, can be a good thing. Why? Because buffoons make silly leaders. And we are buffoons. But buffoons whose Head is Jesus, the name above all names, the King of Kings, who is called Faithful and True. And that's not a bad place to be. He wants buffoons. He loves buffoons. And so, fellow buffoons, that is why I ask you to pray for the ministry here in Guatemala. For it is administrated by buffoons; righteous, thankful, holy buffoons, but clowns nonetheless.

And as long and I am a fool, I might as well be one for Christ.

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Joye said...

Hey, Jesus established his church through buffoons! Even the apostle Paul called himself a fool for Christ's sake. How better for God's glory to be seen? Thanks for your perspective. It blesses me.