Who needs a translator

So I'm in school today. From 2-7 I sit in a little room with Fernando and we speak in Spanish. I learn verbs and make mistakes, drink really good coffee (it is Guatemala), and pray that the Lord help me be a light for Christ and learn a little Spanish.

So, believe it or not, we discussed things today ranging from the history of protestantism in Guatemala to marriage (though he's only 20 and not married) to music (he knows every song on U2-War) and religion. I got to read the Bible with my last teacher; John 1-6. Not so this week for whatever reason.

Fernando is explaining to me that there are Catholics, Evangelicals, and Christians. Catholics = latin american religion. Statues of Mary, etc. Evangelicals = rules. Lots of rules. Women can't wear pants or earrings. No one can drink or dance or smoke or listen to 'wordly' music. Then there are Christians. People who just say they believe in Jesus. If someone leaves the Catholic church and then doesn't like the evangelical church, they can't go back. No swimming upstream! So they just stop believing in God altogether.

So I asked Fernando, "Que estes?" What are you? He said that he doesn't go to church but that he believes in God and His son and that he has faith in his heart that Jesus died for him. He said its more important to believe in your heart than in your head and that the external stuff doesn't seem to matter so much.


So I was sitting across from a Guatemalan college kid whom God has placed there to teach me Spanish. I was sitting across the table from my brother.

So I ask him if he wants to be a pastor. He laughs and says his brothers would give him a hard time. Then he talked about how walking with God is like being on one of two paths. One is the devil's path and only bad things happen. The other is God's path and He only does you good. I then told him that he is a gifted teacher (and he is) and that I believe he is gifted to teach the Bible and that he has no idea what is just ahead of him but that nothing is impossible with God. He said that he likes the word impossible because it's a big word.

I agree. And today I learned the Spanish word for edification.

It's good to be in the Body. It's so good to have the Spirit. How great is our God?

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Mike Messerli said...

cool story! thanks...I needed that. I'll be praying for your friend.