For Deacon

Note: Deacon's birthday was 2 days ago. Jenny's was yesterday. So, needless to say, this is a little late.

Words are clumsy, but it's what I have.

I saw you a year ago and I've never been the same. You'll hear me tell you that emotions are a funny thing, and they are, but when God brought you to us, when you came out of mommy and into the world, I felt with my emotions the Word of God when Jesus said, "Unless you are born of water and the Spirit you cannot have eternal life." I have seen the first and I will never forget it. Oh, God, bring the second soon.

I love you. Just because you are. And I have a lot of reasons not to love you because you make our life harder. But harder is almost always better because it's how God transforms us and you will know that some day too...but not for awhile.

I love you. Because you bring life to us. You are full of life and everything about you screams "LIVE!". No other child moves so much. You are not a still baby. Even in your sleep you are in motion. But life moves and you bring motion into our lives. God made you to move, little man, so move how He does. Live for Him.

I love you. Because you laugh. I am certain in heaven there are greater sounds, but while we're in this life I'm pretty sure that's tops. No one taught you how to laugh so I'm not sure how you learned, but I think you laugh because God knows we need to hear children laugh. You will laugh when you're older and I will love you then too. But for now your laughter is an echo of the distant purity of life we lost and will regain when God makes all things new. Thank you for reminding us.

I love you. Because you hug your stuffed alligator. We're not sure who taught you that either and while we should probably be concerned that someone else is teaching you all these things, we're just enjoying them for now. Your mommy picked that alligator out because she wanted you to have something different and for you to be different. And you will be, for better and, maybe in your eyes (at least for a little while) for worse. But we love you either way.

I love you. Because you think I'm a big toy. You are free to romp and roll all over me. Dad's are good for romping. You slap my face (in a good way) and smile and giggle. Like a big stuffed animal, you hug and squeeze me, and that will always be ok.

I love you. Because you are a son. I've heard it said that daughters are better than sons but I've never heard anyone with a son say that. We know boys are better. It's our little secret.

I love you. Because you are messy. Boys make messes. I'll teach you how to clean them up.

I love you. Because you make me love your mother more. I see her in you and I guess that makes me love both of you more. Marry a woman like her, son. Just trust me.

I love you. Because you suck you thumb. I did that too so, we'll work through that together.

I love you. Because you want to walk. You'll always want to do things you can't quite get. This is a good thing, son. Keep at it.

I love you. Because you get excited when you see me. That makes life better. Thank you.

I love you. Because you grew your top teeth out of order and now you have fangs.

I love you. Because you love us too. People will tell you that you're too young to love, but they have forgotten what it means. Love the Lord before everything else. And hug people. They need it.

Thank you for being.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys congrats on the first year. Isnt it fun!!


P.S. Stupid blogger wont let me sign in...stupid blogger

Daniel said...

Brandon! :) This is Daniel. I'm praying for you especially concerning language progress in Spanish and safety. Vaya con Dios!


Schweers' Mom said...

How blessed he is to have such a wonderful dad!

Boys ARE the best!