Es la Vida

Roads are how we get places. We like 'em because they give our trucks and cars a place to roll and they make travel a whole lot easier. But roads are funny things. They are also a little unpredictable.

Last week we were out near Comitancillo checking on a few things with sister churches. We were driving back with a pastor, Javier, after checking on some sheep his church is raising to care for some widows. Enrique (our fearless driver and fellow missionary) was pulling to the side of the road to let another vehicle by when this happened:

You can see Ovidio (a brilliant Mam/Spanish/English speaker who helps in the ministry) laughing. This is not his first time to get a truck stuck. The right front and back tires are stuck in a 4 ft. drainage ditch that was very well camouflaged - those ditches are sneaky!

Well, we tried a few things:

But they didn't work. Enrique had put a tow rope on his "wish list", but, as often happens, he was still wishing. We were all wishing at this point. Oh, we tried to find a rock to put under the tire in the ditch. And I found one mostly buried. So I, being the industrious American, took a pick and started digging it out. The owners of the property started shouting so I stopped to listen. I heard the word "marker" and thought I had been digging up a grave marker! Well, Ovidio explained that it was merely a property marker...I'll ask him before I dig next time.

Anyway, so along came another truck. At my previous job I used to tell the kids who never wanted to do group work that, "Life is group work", and this was no different. With a skinny nylon rope (in which I had little faith) and a steady clutch, we were on the way.

And next thing you know...

We're out.

That's life.


Susan said...

Thanks for the neat story and photos. ?Es la vida loca, si? I didn't quite see the road you were talking about. I saw a dirt area that resembled a wide path...but road? :) Susan M.

Anonymous said...

great story. I am wondering though, how are sheep going to take care of widows? j/k Sounds like yall are doing a great job.

OCDmunkey said...

I have a tow rope and a massive tow chain you guys can take back with you. With the departure of my Jeep, my off-roading days are over.

Toni said...

ahem...this is coming from the same one who got a van stuck in Mexico?

Justin and Michelle said...

What model truck is that? Looks neat. Do I recall reading that you got a diesel? I sure with the automakers would bring more diesels to America.