Big shoes to fill

We try not to wear our shoes in the house.

I mean, we're not freaky about it, but it's dirty here. More dusty, but dirty in the don't-put-that-in-your-mouth kind of way too. And Deacon stays pretty low to the ground and everything goes into his mouth. So we try not to wear our shoes inside. Of course the floors still get dirty but at least we think they are a little less dirty than they could be. And that's worth quite a bit.

That picture is just how me and Deacon's shoes were sitting and it made me think of a lot of things. Being a 'missionary' isn't really all that special. I mean, we live not in the US and we have to learn a couple of languages, but we're not some kind of spiritual giants. We're just God the Father's kids and we want to do what He wants to do. And right now, He wants us in Guatemala.

But the work He wants to do here through us, that's another story. That's God's job. My teacher in Spanish school asked me how long we would be here after we returned from Christmas in the US. She said, "6 months, or what?" (well, she said it in Spanish). And I said, "Oh, maybe 20 years." (also in English). And she said, "2 years?" and then wrote the number 20 and showed it to me. I shook my head and said, "No, 20 years". She wanted to know why and I told her that real spiritual growth takes a really long time. And we want the work we do here to last. I said it's like trees. Trees that grow up really fast, in 50 years, they're gone. But trees that grow really slowly, like oaks, they are there for hundreds of years. Flash in the pan spiritual growth is just that. But real growth, well, it just takes time. But it doesn't get reversed.

Deacon will be awhile before he can fill my shoes, but I can't ever wear his again. I guess I could put them on my big toes and say I was wearing them, but that would be ridiculous. God has brought us here and it has taken awhile and it has not been easy. But, glory, it has been real.

So we go about every day clinging to the Lord and asking Him to grow us a little more. And you know what? He's pretty good at doing it. Even when I try to put on a pair of shoes that don't fit anymore, He gives me a new pair that fit just right for right now. And that's about all I can handle so it works out pretty good.

You know, the Lord is really good. And its fun to know Him and be known by Him. But mostly, it's good just to have real life that doesn't go away, that doesn't have to end. Eternal life. And a good life at that. I'm glad the Lord is the one doing the living through me. It sure works better that way, because His shoes...only He will ever fit in those.


Mike Messerli said...

great post. thanks...I love the picture.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks, Mike.

I know you have big shoes to fill too.