Wake up call


We love Guatemala. But it ain't perfect. There are things we like a lot and things we don't like so much. There are things we love and, well, things that make us want to cuss.

This morning we wanted to cuss.

5:15 - Deacon wakes up. This is normal. If he wakes up then, Jenny nurses him and he usually sleeps until 7:00 or so. Or he wakes up at 6:30 and is up for the day. No biggie.

5:20 - Jenny returns to bed and Deacon is screaming pretty good. We give it a few minutes.

5:22 - I go get Deacon, make sure he's not dirty, cuddle and sing to him and lay him down.

5:25 - I get back in bed.

5:27 - Deacon is now quiet. Yeah. We start to doze off and warm up. No heat here.

5:29 - We hear a loud pop.

Pause for explanation:

We hear lots of noises. We're in a city. We hears trucks rumbling and pigeons on the roof. Cats run all over the tin roof (that musical has more meaning now) and make a lot of racket. Oh, and in Xela, its tradition to set off fireworks on someones birthday, typically at 8:00am and 8:00 pm.

Not today.

5:29 - We hear what sounds like an artillery barrage or a volley from WWII gunships thunder through the pre-dawn air...must have been 40 or 50 booms, not pops mind you, booms. They don't mess around.

5:29:30 - Deacon is up again. Jenny goes this time to settle him down.

5:30 - More booms.

5:33 - Jenny back in bed. Deacon is asleep.

5:34 - Happy birthday Guatemalan person! Deacon is crying again.

5:45 - Jenny is back in bed. We're both pretty angry. I think, given the opportunity, I would have literally beat up whoever set those off. Seriously.

6:00 - my alarm goes off.

Ah, and I just heard more booms. Deacon is napping. Sigh. Oh, wait...still is. Bueno.


Mike Messerli said...

How funny...I know you don't think so, but here's a thought- it's a small's just life on the mission field...and you had something to blog about. Enjoy it, you wouldn't have these experiences in Texas! Have fun.

Kathy said...

My sister lives in east Texas. Not in a city but close to one. Folks set off fireworks for occasions there too. Bubba makes a good grade on his spelling test. Boom. Sissy finds her missing shoe. Boom.

I wouldn't want to live there either.

You don't know me but I read your blogs to hear about your lives on the mission field and I pray. I'll pray ya'll can find something wonderful about these celebration fireworks that God intends to use. I can't think of anything right now but his thoughts are beyond ours.

SM said...

I grew up in the back woods of beautiful East Texas, and I hate to tell you, but those booms you hear are probably gunshots, not fireworks. Our hound dog would bark at a squirrl up a tree for hours (we called it getting stuck in "bark"), and my Dad would grab his gun and fire off a random shot which would usually stop the dog from barking. We would shoot our guns for various reasons, most of them totally random, silly things.
Oh, and as far as the fireworks in Xela, just be thankful they aren't gunshots I guess. SM

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks for the comments! I hope those booms are not gunshots. This country has a pretty checkered past.

And no gunshots/fireworks today.