A strange pull

We are going back to the States for Christmas. Language school will be closed and we will spend our time in Lubbock. I did not say we're going home for Christmas because we are not. Home is our little apartment in Xela where the fireworks wake us up and I look at mountains every day. Where I walk everywhere and can buy a bouquet of flowers (including roses) for about $6.50.

See, we are flying standby and there are 2 windows where the flights look good. If we take the earlier one, we miss out on a week of school and we just really don't want to do that. If we take the second window and miss it, we stay here for Christmas and there's no reason to do that. So, we are shooting for the earlier date and are planning out that week to study Spanish in the states. We're getting 'homework' from our teachers and committing to speak to each other in Spanish and, well, learn more. But we find it funny how much we want to stay. Sure we want to see our family. We miss them and you and everyone else with a dull ache that, honestly, doesn't seem to go away. But God has brought us here and here we are. So here is home.

If you get the time, read Psalm 107 . Verses 8-9 go like this:

8Let them give thanks to the LORD for His lovingkindness,
And for His wonders to the sons of men!
9For He has satisfied the thirsty soul,
And the hungry soul He has filled with what is good.

Isn't God amazing? "He has satisfied the thirsty soul". WOW. How awesome! Praise Him. I mean, He's just good.

So, a week from Monday, Lord willing, we leave home and visit the US. It's weired to say that.

Oh, and by the way, to those who read our blogs...thank you. Your encouragement is deeply appreciated.


hearthomekids said...

thank you for sharing your journey with those of us who lack your boldness!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Oh, goodness. You're welcome. But we're not bold. We're just as scared as everyone else. Trust me, we're just following the Lord, nothing more, nothing less.

Everyone who trust the Lord lives an amazing life. The difference is just a step in the light (not the dark). We equate faith with a step in the dark, but it's not. Its a step into light so bright that we can't see what's next.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle and Aaron said...

We love reading both of your blogs. You are such an encouragement to us. It's amazing to see how different our lives and surroundings are, but how similar our emotions are! We are going through so many of the same highs and lows, the same feelings of inadequacy, the same longings...but most importantly the same desperate need for our Father.

As Christmas approaches, people keep asking us what we want for Christmas. I was thinking this morning as I read your blog that I wish that someone could give us a day with Brandon and Jenny. A day to sit and share our hearts together. Wow, that would be great. Someday...somewhere...until then we love and miss you!