Quick look at our place

Mi Casa es su casa. This is our apartment from the front...the back is someone else's house. To the left is the washing machine and by the clothes lines you can see there is no dryer.

This is our bedroom and bathroom there through the door. No window in there but we have a skylight (meaning a hole in the ceiling where light comes through the corrugated fiberglass).

This is our kitchen. The fridge used to electrocute us but its fixed now. Those blue bottles are purified water. Don't drink from the tap! Oh, and that green thing on the table is our cooking range. The window looks out to the laundry. No oven, except the microwave oven. Jenny bought the great looking place mats.

This is Deacon's room, obviously attached to the kitchen. We are going to put up some sort of divider, but it works. That window looks out into the 'living room'

This is looking out of the kitchen through the living room. If you go right, you go to our bedroom. That's Marissa (the Coreano's daughter) on the left and Deacon crouched to pounce and the boy in the window, his parents' run the guesthouse. That's carpet!

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Mike Messerli said...

cool house! Neat to see where you live.