Out and About

Today Jenny and Deacon and I will head out to the Aldea (little village) to have lunch with the sister church and then return in the afternoon.

It will be Deacon's first trip like that and we hope all goes well!

It's only about a 25 min drive from where we are. We're very excited to get out and meet with the folks we came here to serve. VERY excited. Please pray Deacon naps!

Oh, and for those who are praying for our health, God is answering with a resounding "YES". We're doing great. Please keep praying. Hopefully some pictures later of our little jaunt out.

Oh, on another note, it's strange to watch the election results from another country. I'm not near as upset about the Democrats victory. Speaker Pelosi. At least the ads are over for you folks.

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Anonymous said...

great news. thanks for the update. sounds like it's going well. glad to hear that, although it's hard, it's not horrible....we will keep praying.