It's good to be in the Body

Yesterday we went to church. A little presbyterian church about a 15 min walk from home. We're no presbyterian, but who cares. We needed really badly to worship the Lord and the fact that everything was in Spanish really didn't matter much. God is the same everywhere, we just relate a little differently; because when the pastor says, "Jesu Cristo", it's my savior's name, and when they sing about their love for God, I share in their love for Him. The Holy Spirit speaks whatever language you do and yesterday He spoke renewal and fellowship and life to Jenny and I. The service started at 10:45 or so and by 1:00 they were done. Good teaching, at least what little I understood. I'm really thankful for that Spanish-English Bible, by the way.

I have some tummy critter but I finally started antibiotics and that seems to help. Thank you for all you who pray for our health. Just because I've got a few problems in the plumbing doesn't mean God's answering no. Jenny and Deacon are great. Its just life in Guatemala.

I tell you what. Life is good. I don't mean its easy or happy, although there are moments of that. What i mean is that God is good and He gives me life. So whatever life He gives, it's good. I think I want that on my tombstone, "God is good." Wouldn't that be interesting? Anyway, today we stop speaking English except at night. Not easy. But we ain't gonna learn Spanish speaking English all day!

Oh, we bought a turkey yesterday. Butterball. How funny is that? And turkey here is almost as much as steak. No T-day in Guatemala.


Mike Messerli said...

Brandon & Jenny,

Thank you for the note. It's great to hear from you and know that God is working. We do miss you, and are praying for you. I hope that the spanish comes easily... it will be fun to hear about how easily you learn the language. I guess I would pray, "Lord, help me to hear it." (more than to speak it.) hearing, I the hardest part. thanks for keeping in touch.

OCDmunkey said...

Man - I completely forgot about your blog and your web page until just now. I feel kind of selfish & self absorbed all of a sudden.

Well, I haven't forgotten about you guys, I promise. Is there anything I can do for you guys? Anything you need?

OCDmunkey said...

Oh - and get back here and wallow about the Dems regaining control of the house & senate with the rest of us.

I can hear you and Dad chucking from here.

Schweers' Mom said...

What incredible words, Brandon. I feel so blessed by your observations of God's goodness. That is certainly something I wrestle with a LOT. I like your take on that - about Him giving you life and whatever life He has chosen, then it's good. Wow. I'm so humbled. Happy Thanksgiving to you three!

Brandon and Jenny said...

We hear it better every day. But we have many days ahead. thanks for the encouragement, mike.

ocd - don't worry a bit. its not like you don't have anything going on. Oh, and it is a little more funny to watch politics from afar. A little.

If there is one thing i have learned these past few months it is that God is good. Period. Regardless of all else, He is good and does good as the psalmist says. And I am humbled by that too.

Susan said...

Thanks for the pictures of your casa! How's the weather? You guys are amazing! Thanks for your encouraging words. Susan Myers