Diesel Day

So today I drove a diesel pickup up the mountains.

I'd never driven a diesel, much less in Guatemala, but no one got hurt and a veteran missionary was there to give me pointers (which I needed a lot of).

Jenny and Deacon were in another vehicle because the one I was in didn't have seat belts in the back. The both got car sick and threw up and that was really, really hard for just about everyone, especially Jenny. Deacon had one bout and was happy after. Jenny was sick for 4 hours until we finally stopped in Xela at a guest house and she was able to rest for a minute. It's really hard to do your 'job' when you can't take very good care of your wife and baby. not fun.

But everyone is ok and tomorrow we go into the mountains again. This time with Dramamine.

Thank you to all you folks who encourage us. We, like everyone, never get enough. Just FYI, though, we're not perfect and this is a really difficult time. The Lord is holding us up, though, and that's about all we can ask for.

Oh, by the way, read Psalms 90 and 91. Teach me, O Lord, to number my days and remember Who protects us all the days here on earth.


Joye said...

We're praying. So sorry about Jenny, I hope tomorrow's better. A person can only stand so much excitement! Miss you guys already.

Anonymous said...

I agree, we are praying. Thrilled to hear what God is doing. It will be hard, but exciting. Thanks for the post.

Schweers' Mom said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Jenny getting motion sick! Tell her to try ginger tablets - if you can find some. I take them for motion sickness and they work very well - plus no side effects - except maybe a ginger flavored burp here and there. Praying for you guys!

Brandon and Jenny said...

She's better now! Took dramamine early enough yesterday and you all PRAYED and she was fine, even on those hairpin mountain turns.
Have to look for ginger tablets. Someone gave Jenny something that dissolved under her tongue...maybe that's what it was.

Oh, and we miss you all too.