Prayer and such

Reading one of my favorite blogs got me thinking about prayer.
Here's a few of my favorite quotes. All from the same guy, I know.

“Prayer is the secret work that develops a life that is thoroughly authentic and deeply human”

“Prayer is never complete and unrelieved solitude; it is, though, carefully protected and skillfully supported intimacy”

“Before God in prayer we do not remain the same…God feels our pains but He does not indulge our self-pity” (my favorite)

all by - Eugene Peterson

I love those. Anyone want to share your favorite quotes?


Anonymous said...

ok, so what's your favorite blog where you got these quotes? love to read it too.


Schweers' Mom said...

Have you read, "Prayer: a Holy Occupation" by Oswald Chambers? It's a small little book FILLED with great quotes by Chambers. I don't think I could pick a favorite one - they are all great!

Thanks for yours - I'll have to copy them. I am a big fan of Eugene Peterson. I especially liked the last quote you listed.

Brandon and Jenny said...

One of my favorite blogs....why your's Mike :-)

I've never read that Chambers book, I'll have to get that.

Anonymous said...


thanks. Ok, lunch this week? When?

Joye said...

The subject of prayer seems to be on a lot of people's minds right now. I think we need to pay attention, don't you?