October Raves and Rants

Rave - cooler weather. Nice...just nice

Rant - Being a Texas Tech football fan. Just get tired of 9-3.

Rave - Yankees are out.

Rant - Mosquitoes. Why did you make those, God?

Rave- DEET. I know its a poison but, whatever.

Rave - People who love God. Thank you. Spending time with you makes life very good.

Rant - Wanting to be in Guatemala and being here for now.

Rant - Wanting to stay here and moving to Guatemala soon.

Rave - Being free to live in that tension.

Rave - The mail. $.37 gets a thank you note to someone.

Rant - Rain gutters. More trouble than help.

Rant - Thin kleenex. I blow right through. Might as well just use my hands.

Rave - Puffs Soft and Strong!

Rant - Getting older. I get sore sometimes and I don't know why. Argh.

Rant - Technology. I'll never catch up.

Rant- Sin. It's crappy, ok? But won't last forever.

Rave - Grace. Trumps sin.

Rave - The pastors and elders at CBC. Read 1 Cor. 15 and pay attention to the last verse.

Rant - Books I need to read but don't want to and books I want to read but don't need to.

Rave - Calvin and Hobbes: The greatest comic.

Rant - Cathy: The comic I'll never laugh at.

Rave - Bacon. Name a meal bacon does not improve.

Rant - International politics. Why do we bother.

Rant - biting my nails. Mostly when I watch Tech play.

Rave - Samoa, our cat. She's cool.

Rant - Politics. Just in general. I love democracy, I love my country, but man, I hate October in election years.

Rave - My marriage. It's great because God is good and he gave me Jenny. I love you babe.

Rave - My son. Wow. How can you teach me so much already? I love you.


Anonymous said...

Rave - Reading a blog that makes you smile.

Rave - Missionaries that want/and go, to Guatemala to do God's work.

Rant - That you have to go, you are missed already.

Rave - Your reward in the end.

Joye said...

Even boiled bacon?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hmmm. I've had bacon in bean soup and it was good.

But just boiled...that's just a waste.