You know I was thinkin'

For a blog called Ramble Zone i haven't been rambling much. Oh well.

So -
In no particular order:

Raves and Rants

Rave - The weather. It almost, almost, felt like the first touch of fall out there today. It was NICE

Rave - My son. I just love him. He laughs more than any human I have met and likes me...a lot!

Rave - My wife. God has given me eternal life. Only that trumps the gift of Jenny. She is...beyond words. I love you!

Rave - Friends. I have a whole bushel (or peck, which is bigger?) of fantastic people who I have shared life with. Praise God for all of you.

Rant - Crime shows. CSI, L&O SVU, CI, Cold Case...I'm sick of e'm! I like old school Law and Order where the crimes are robbery but shows about little children being hurt or people in pain...i'm just done with it. I can take it anymore. Matter of fact, TV as a whole is crap. Give me Good Eats and Future Weapons and a few sports and I'm good. Even that's too much.

Rave - Crepe Myrtles. Great trees. Takes the heat and explodes flowers. Cool.

Rave - My brother. Ian, I am proud of you. You have much ahead but God is good and you are finding out who He REALLY is.

Rant - Clay soil. You stink to build a house on.

Rave - Lemon Ice Box Pie. Mmmmmm. Lemony smoothness.

Rave - Tracey McKinney Photography. You rock and the pictures of my family bless me deeply. Thanks.

Rant - Stuff. We're moving to Guatemala and we have too much stuff. Aaargh! Moving is stinky.

Rave - Coffee. You wake me up. But if I drink too much I walk around really fast.

Rant - Benedryl. I took you to clear my sinuses and I'm still in a fog 10 hours later. And stuffy.

Rave - People. We're all odd. But God likes oddness. It demonstrates His creativity.

Ok. That was fun. Feel free to add your raves and rants.


Schweers' Mom said...

I agree with the TV thing. I used to enjoy ER until they started having morbid shows about children in pain and dying. Yuck. Thumbs way up for Good Eats!

Coffee...awesome. I agree with that rave! I also couldn't live without it. Is that a bad thing?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Well, I can't live without food, water and sleep...coffee fits somewhere in between food and water I figure.

Sure, I could live without it...but why would i do that? :-)

Aaron & Danielle said...

Hi Guys! We both had a great laugh at your comment about how much better our pictures would look with your camera! We LOVE Deacon's pictures on his site. We have two pages in our photo album that are devoted to just Deacon. :)

We miss you guys!