Master of the Universe

When I was a kid I loved He-Man. I had Battle Cat and He-Man, Man-at-Arms...I even got Skeletor's Castle one Christmas. It had the coolest microphone that made my 10 year-old voice sound so boomy and huge. He-Man was sort of the leader of the Masters of the Universe, the good guys, who battled Skeletor for, oh, ratings I guess. They were the guardians of Eternia, he was the prince, and had a sword of power which he held aloft, shouted, "I have the power" and was trasformed into He-Man. But they were good and he was evil. I know it's goony now, but I just loved it.

Now it seems that our world is trying to sweep evil under the rug. Even the Pope gets bashed when he says Islam is evil. And it is. It's a false religion because Jesus is not worshipped as God and King. He-Man didn't join sides with Skeletor, he jumped on his tiger and went to war. Oh, and his tiger was also transformed from Cringer to Battle Cat. An armored tiger. How cool.

I mean, really, how cool is that!

Ok. Here's the deal. I loved this stuff because it, like all good stories, is rooted in the reality of the story of Christ. He didn't fight an evil skeleton, He defeated sin forever. I mean, He-Man is just made up, but God is reality. He's really in control of all things. He really created everything by speaking. Christ really holds all things together by the word of His power. The Holy Spirit really transforms me, really sanctified me, really justified me and will one day glorify me. I too have a battle to fight and God has given me the transforming power to do it. He is real. This life is not a dress-rehearsal for eternity. It's the beginning of it. I have eternal life, I'm not going to get it later; I am living it today. The question is: will I trust God and go His way or will I trust me and get in the way? I choose to trust Him. I choose to be filled with His power, real power to transform me in the the image of Jesus Christ.

We are moving to Guatemala. And it's an exciting adventure but it is no easy task. We are not going on a whim, on some fancy. We are going because the God of creation, the true Master of the Universe has lead us, equipped us and provided for us to go. There is a people who do not look or speak or live like we do and yet are one in Christ with us. There is a people who are struggling to live in the freedom of Christ and God is sending us to them to serve, to encourage, to teach and to love. How can we not go?

We are so excited and tired and desperate to get there and join the Coreanos in learning Spanish and Mam and getting into the work God has for us in Guatemala. Praise God that we do not go alone.

What about you? Where does God want you to serve? Next door, down the block, across the world? Will you go? I promise you will never regret it.


Joye said...
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Joye said...

Sorry for the deletion, I can't bear to leave a typo if I can help it. :?

He-Man, how funny. Our son ate, slept, and breathed Masters of the Universe when he was a boy.

Y'all have your feet so planted in reality, beautiful feet that will take the Good News to Guatemala. God has done such a good work in you that shows in your biblical perspective on events and culture. It's going to be a huge blessing to read your posts from life in Guatemala, and get your take on missionary and indigenous life there. You will continue blogging, won't you?

Jill Briscoe has made a few references to her husband's illustration that we are merely vessels that carry Jesus from place to place. I ask Jesus each day, "Where do you want to go today, Lord? Where can I take You?" I guess my mission field is just a few steps away. Or maybe just a few words away.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Well, I'm glad to keep such good company!

I 'll keep blogging. But in Spanish! Just kidding. I'll have a lot to sort through there and a bunch to share as the Lord carries us around. I'm not sure if we're carrying Jesus...although we do move around. I guess I'm not sure how a vessel moves on it's own. But I sure get Pastor Briscoe's point. What an honor to be a servant of the Lord Jesus. And you, Joye, are a wonderful example for us al.