A good Quest-ion

People love quests. The Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, Legend of Zelda (for those of you who played Nintendo as a kid - it was a video game).

This is the little hero of the Zelda game. Sword, shield, boots, belt...all he needs is a breastplate and a helmet. Interesting choice of design on the shield. Wonder why they chose a cross??

On a quest you always have to move from one thing to the next. Now, I can't remember much about the Legend of Zelda (I know, I even beat that silly game) but I do remember having to accomplish one task and then another and another. All this is so you can get to where you want to go, save the princess or free the kindgom from some evil dude.

We're trying to get to Guatemala and it's a great microcosom of our journey to eternity. We know where we want to go - Guatemamala. And there are a whole bunch of things we need to do to get there. We have to raise support, find shipping, get rid of our suff, buy more stuff, get shots, visas and passports, sell my car, move and move some more. We're like questing nomads with a handfull of things and a heart for Jesus and not much else.

Yesterday I drove to Houston from Dallas, got a 2 pieces of paper stamped by the Guatemalan Consulate General, turned around and drove back. 10 hours and 550 miles later I was back home playing with my 9 month old son, one more task accomplished, one step closer to our goal. It's, just, well, it is what it is. And we're actually enjoying it, which is an awesome testimony to the Lord's presence and provision. You know how stressful moving is? We've sort of lived that stress since June, almost 4 months now, and we're not bonkers yet. God is very, VERY good.

Dios los bendiga!

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