Well, at this pace not much will get blogged.


Isn't it odd how new words pop up? 5 years ago if you told me to blog something I might get offended. Now it's a verb. Odd.


So I am now (after a week) getting back into the swing of deputation. That's missionary talk for raising support. I, sadly, do not get a badge for deputation. But it is all about mindset. I was spending time with the Lord this morning thinking about the possiblity of leaving in 7 weeks. That's hardly enough time. And before we leave we must raise a little over $20K. Whew. So I was thinking about all that and said to myself, "It's time to step off the boat." I have to trust God and get moving. So, this week we begin. Pray we are patient as the Lord provides. Trust God and work your butt off. That's my motto this week. Please pardon the vernacular. It keeps me grounded.

More to talk about later.


Nathan said...

Hey Brando! The baby pack is a Kelty. It was $100 at Bass Pro. Best investment. Weighs next to nothing and has lots of torso and shoulder strap adjustments so you can wear it pretty comfortably. Jessica can ride for quite awhile. Just hard for them to sleep in it if they get tired.

spartacus21 said...

i have to say i am a fan of the week's motto. It stays true in the college ministry life as well.