Psalm 31

If it seems that all Bible posts are about Psalms, well, I like 'em and I read them all the time. We are still working toward getting to Guatemala on October 7th. Lord willing we will land there soon. We have friends to serve with and encourage and two languages to learn. Best to get down there.

Alright. Psalm 31:3 has David saying to the LORD,

For You are my rock and my fortress;
For Your name's sake You will lead me a guide me

I have been under the misconception that God leads and guides me so that I won't get in trouble or that I will be protected or joyful or fill in the blank. He's my shepherd which means I follow Him and of course sheep think it's all about them. He is there as my fortress so I can retreat from the stress of living in this sinful world and be protected and above the fray of life and trouble. Even a rock of refuge in the midst of trouble. I'll take that. I need a rock, a level place above the wrath of enemies and the destruction of human interaction. I need a stonghold where I can feel safe even if the tempest is raging just outside. I need a rock to hold firm to in the storm. I need a guide and a leader who is capable of taking this mustard seed and moving mountains with it. All this is true.

But that's not the point. All those things are an aside, an echo of the power of God. They are side effects like getting sleepy when you take a benedryl.

For Your name's sake...

God leads and protects and guides and shelters because in His Glory He cares for His creatures. He is the one who's name is honored. He is the one glorified. God's glory is more important than my safety! His glory is more important than my sense of well being. His glory is more. More than I can imagine. His glory is not on the line! No one can take it away from Him. Who is able to take from God? What an obnoxious thought that humans could take from God. Who do we think we are?

I have to be reminded that life, yes, even "ministry" is not about me. It is for His name's sake that we go to Guatemala. It is for His name's sake that our support will come in. I can work my tail off and not see a dime and He is no more or less glorified by it either way. And yet...

He is my rock and my fortress. And that is not an accident of His. He seeks me out to invite me to rest and take shelter from all things. I think I'll take that invitation. For His name's sake.