No time for love, Dr. Jones!

Ah, Indiana Jones. So much adventure.

We're pretty busy right now. But I guess life is busy. We still have time to sit on the porch and talk with my parents and if you're too busy to sit and talk a little you're just to busy. We, of course, can't sit in the porch for long before we start to sizzle. It's hot here. Really, really hot. Check our the weather in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala:

Lord willing, we'll be there soon.

On a tangent...

I really love my son. He's amazing. He's just FUN and laughs and man. I love him. His head is in the 99th percentile which means that onyl 1% of babies his age have a huger noggin. I love his huge head! He crawls by doing the worm; (a breakdance maneuver for those of you not familiar) he looks like a miniature tuskluess albino walrus working his way across an ice flow. But he gets it done. He jumps and laughs when I enter the room and, well, however an 8 month old can love I guess he's doing it. It's great. Yeah. God is good to give us children to love and to get their love in return. How good a heavenly Father we have.

We are speaking at our home church tomorrow. Pray it goes well. Pray that Jesus is honored in all that is said and done. We trust Him.


spartacus21 said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious! have you ever seen trhe movie "so i married an axe murderer?" they are def talking about a huge head in one seen and i love it!

Stephanie said...

Deacon is absolutely adorable! I was in the nursery with him for awhile Sunday evening, what a happy boy! :)

Good luck in Guatemala!

Brandon and Jenny said...

"Heed, down, noow"

Ahh yes. Although he's still a baby so gets a little more slack.