A day in the life

So missionaries aren't special people. I mean, we're just people serving the Lord in countries other than where we have a passport. We forget to blog (sorry) and our houses get messy and we mow the grass. But we do get to do something pretty cool. We get to be supported soley on the generosity of others.

It's no secret. We get a salary because people are kind and generous enough to send money to our mission agency. Now the salary is designed to work in Guatemala and not here but we won't be here much longer. This brings me to my point.

I was studying Genesis 22 where Abraham is commanded to take his son Issac and sacrafice him. He obeys and God intervenes at the last instant and provides a lamb to slay instead of a boy. It's one of the most amazing narratives in the history of humanity. At the end of it Abraham names the place (Mt. Moriah, in present day Jerusalem, where the Dome of the Rock is now i think - none too ironic) "Jehoveh-Jireh" or "The Lord Will Provide".

We are at the point where we are realizing the totality of our dependence on Christ. I said our motto is "Trust God and work your butt off" but we are careful not to switch the order.

"The LORD will provide" This is easily said in Sunday school or uttered from the lips of a well meaning friend. And we are going through NOTHING at all like Abraham did. But God has not changed and is still the provider of all our needs. I sign a lot of e-mails "in the Father's good hands" because I need the reassurance. Walking in faith was never designed to be easy. And it's not. But it's real and Jesus is there and that's makes it ok.

Just thoughts from a brain and a heart that has to trust God afresh every morning and finds Him faithful every time.

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