So Jenny and I have been visiting a lot of folks this past month and yesterday was no different. We went to visit an old friend of ours and when I say old I mean 95.

Madeline still keeps her home on her own . When she prays its like being near a crashing ocean. Power! And all you want to do is blast your hands into the air and shout praise to Jesus. She has 30-40 5th and 6th graders over to her house every week. She feeds them cinnamon rolls and slushies and talks to them about Jesus. They are from broken homes and when someone tells them about a "heavenly father" they think about men who either aren't there or whose presence only makes bruises grow. But Madeline loves. She loves with the love of Christ and children are coming to Jesus and growing in their faith and being transformed from cases of abuse to children of God. When they get too old, she teaches them how to pray and those kids, now in high school, meet several times a week to intercede at the throne of the Father. Madeline calls them her prayer warriors but she knows they are the Lord's.

She is all of 4'10" and walks with the briskness of an autumn storm. She told us that at 75 (for her 50th anniversary) her husband took the whole family to Europe to see where they all came from. She climbed the Matterhorn. At 75. Though she did say that on the way down her quads were burning a little. So her grandchildren found her a little cane on the mountainside and she still has it on the wall of her bathroom. I saw that cane and I thought, "She's Yoda."

She's not green or a Jedi. But she's the sage who still has it. She's at 95 what most folks never are at all. Have you ever seen how little children are often scared of really elderly folks? Not Madeline. At church camp, the same camp where Jenny accepted Christ and later felt a call to full-time missions, Madeline is swarmed by children. Have a troubled kid? Madeline takes them and walks and talks with them. She prays for them. And never has a kid not been brought around. Amazing? Yes. Surprising? Not really. Not when you consider her Source. She is no more and no less than a child of God, a servant of the King of Kings. She lives a life of power in the hunched little body of a lady born in 1911. She is a worshipper of God and I can only ask Him to help me finish so well. Ahh, but she is not finished. Not until she is taken home to her Savior. She told us that she might fall on her face tomorrow but until she does, it's her life to love the little children and let them come to Jesus.


Mike Messerli said...

wow! All you can do when around a saint like that is say, wow! I really enjoyed reading about her and her life. What a treat. Thanks for sharing it. I agree with you- oh to finish like that. May we all finish as Godly men and women who change our little part of the world.
Mike Messerli

Joye said...

I wish I could meet that lady.

Brandon and Jenny said...

No kidding! The local news did a story on her that aired last night. It was wonderful.

And Joye, you WILL meet her someday.