All quiet on the Western front

We have gone from full throttle freeway to Sunday drive.

We're going through Rosetta Stone Spanish and it is the best thing you can do next to having your own language tutor. It's amazing. And even fun. One thing we learned at PILAT is that language is a natural human ability. Anyone can learn it. If you have a language now, you can learn another one. You just have to learn the way your brain learns language. You don't learn language like you learn algebra and that's what we do in school. Anyway...if you have ever wanted to learn another language, talk to me about it. I can give you some really great tools. It's amazing.

Anyway. We're not sitting around watching soaps and eating bon-bons. But we're not constantly on the go. Jenny's got a bad cold/sinus infection and she actually has time to rest. Not bad. We are doing a lot of sharing life with Jenny's family before we head out as well as speaking at her church this Sunday. Oh, pray for that please. We are speaking briefly at the morning services and setting up a table. We are praying that the Lord brings in the rest of our support so we can leave in September.

I'm studying through Genesis and Hebrews and have parked in John 17. Absolutely amazing! Wow. God is so...unpredicatable and yet unchanging. He's just huge and amazing. John 17 is absolutely revolutionary. I may post on that later but I've got a lot to sort through. And have you read Psalm 145? READ it. Wow again.

I'm also reading Robert Frost's Poems. They fascinate me. How people write poetry like that is a mystery to me. I can appreciate it and really enjoy it, but writing it? I just don't know how.

Oh, and about the TBN thing. This may take awhile. Sigh...

There was a guy (didn't get his name) holding up a Bible and calling it "The covenant of increase". He said if you are not increasing physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually that you are not obeying the rules of the covenant. My father in law was in there watching. He had a stoke in 1999 and is paralysed on his left side. His body has been decimated by disease and complcations from the stroke. He loves God. He asks God to heal him but God has, at least at this time, another plan for Robert. This man on television heaps guilt on my father in law and brings not healing but hurt. Ephesians 4:29 says, "Let no unwholsome words come out of your mouth but only such a word as is good for edification, according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear." This man who swings the word of God around like a club brought no grace to my father in law, no edification. And it...it angered me. The health and wealth/name it and claim it crowd is a cult who has perverted the gospel into a sales pitch to the hurting and the poor. I stomped in and told Jenny that if I ever see that man I would slap him in the face because he didn't deserve the effort of a fist. Now, I know that's not right and I'm not going to slap him. But I know they preach a gospel where the reward on earth is over-realized. I know my theology is not perfect. But I also know theirs is false teaching. May God deal with them.

Maybe all is not so quiet...


OCDmunkey said...

Now, I know that's not right and I'm not going to slap him.

I'll do it :-)

Aaron said...

If you give me the name of Captain Heresy, I'll see that he gets taken care of.

At least that's how we do it in Detroit.

Brandon and Jenny said...

It seems that I am not the only one hacked off by that.

I can probably find out who it was but that would only give me a name and not solve the problem...

I guess that's where Detroit comes in.

So if someone else takes care of the problem is it ok if I get happy when I hear it? ;-)

Joye said...

That has to be the best application of Ephesians 4:29 I've seen. Well done. Can I borrow it to use on my dad when the occasion arises? He's steeped in the Word of Faith movement. Mike says, Amen. Well said. And he's ready to do some slapping for you, too.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Well it appears there is plenty of slapping to go around. :-)

Yeah, you're free to borrow. You can even keep it. It just makes me mad to see people basically making money off the gospel. The prosperity gospel shouldn't work well in most of the world, but there's TBN and Binny Hinn spreading lies.

However, according to 2 Peter, God is very aware of false teachers and will deal with them one day. By God's grace may I never be found a false teacher!


Vicky and Dale said...

We're moving to Houston soon and I would really like to learn Spanish. Another person recommended Rosetta Stone...where did you get your's? Can I order it off the internet? Is that the best deal?

I'll check back after awhile to see if you answered me in your comments section = )

Brandon and Jenny said...

I got mine with a pretty substantial discount. Level 1 (there are 3) retails for I think $195. We got ours for $119 as missionaries. If you google "rosetta stone" you will get a lot of options.

It is habds down the best software for learning a language. But you won't learn Spanish from a CD. You get a LOT from Rosetta Stone but you learn a language by getting out there and speaking it. I have some great tools I can share with you when you get started. Good luck!