So today we ran a scenario.

Here's what it was:

A rebel group is attacking the capital city where our mission compound is. Our children have been evacuated to a safe place. We were rushed out of our meeting room and into the basement where 18 of us were crammed into a 6'x6'x4' room. There are war sounds blaring. We have one small flashlight. We did not know where our spouses were or the rest of our group. We must remain quiet when we think that rebels are near.

After 10 minutes we are told that a plane has been found and we must select 5 people to get flown out. We chose the mom's with little kids. I have no idea where Jenny is or how she is doing.

2 nationals who are belivers and 3 nationals we don't know are found while one of our group is getting water. We decide to take them in.

15 minutes later we are told that the rest of our group is in a hospital across the compound. We must now select only 3 to go on the plane. We are given a small radio and can communicate with the group in short bursts as the communication is being monitored.

10 min - We are found and become hostages held for ransom.

10 min - The rebels are not getting their demands and tell us we must choose 2 people for execution. 4 volunteer, singles, two married men with no kids. We cast lots. 2 went.

We can hear the other group singing "Amazing Grace" and we join them,

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me..."

They come to take them and we resist. They grab instead a father of 5 and a mother of 2 young children, take them outside and shoot them.

"Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved..."

They come in again. Two more are taken. They are ripped from our hands and brought outside.

"Through many dangers toils and snares we have already come..."



Everyone is crying.

"...Twas grace that brought us safe thus far and grace will lead us home."

End of scenario.

We're exhausted.


Anonymous said...

wow! it was emotional just reading about it. it's great to hear how God is working. we are praying for you.

Mike Messerli

Brandon and Jenny said...

Ah, emotional. I think the entire group here is tired of that word.

Next week is the linguistics course. It is almost entirely intellectual. What a relief!

Reality, however, involves intense emotions. Learning to deal with those now instead of being overwhelmed later is why we're here.