Thoughts on something other than missionary stuff

So Deacon was sick the other day. First time he has had a fever. Not a bad one, but enough to be a fever and take a little spunk out of him. He's fine now. But it was our first time really caring for a sick child.

He was laying on the bed and sort of on his side sucking his thumb just taking it easy. But he was sick and I knew it and he didn't. I mean he didn't know what a fever or an immune system is. He couldn't tell me how he feels and I could tell him but he doesn't understand fully what I'm saying. I could comfort him and he understands that. I thought of all the billions of people on planet earth and at that moment Deacon had 2 who were responsible for caring for him. Men aren't natural nurturers. At least we're not as good as moms. But in that moment of realization I loved my son more than ever.

I just stroked his round little head and rubbed his little back. My hand covers his whole back, you know. That won't last long. I hummed and sang as best I could and thanked the Lord Jesus for that little boy who laughs and giggles and jumps but right then wanted only to feel better. So I prayed for him and we put him to bed and now he's ok. But he's our ok, and loving him is one of the best things we have ever done together.

It's good to be a dad.

Oh, I said he was "taking it easy". Well...


Lindsay said...

Isn't he cute!!! You should post more pictures of him.
I'm sorry he was sick. I know how it feels when you are completely helpless to do anything to make them understand or feel better. You guys are great parents.

Joye said...

That's a great picture, look at those eyes! I love his little round head.