Not all is rough

Sorry not to have posted.

acute gastrointestinitus

Or so the doctor called it. Also known as the tummy bug. Friday night Jenny and I were VERY ill. I'll spare you the details, but we were in bed all day Saturday. No solid food until Sunday. Other people here at MTI took care of Deacon. No kidding. We experienced Christian community and were loved while totally helpless. Awesome, and I don't use that word lightly.

Today the kids put on a circus complete with nickle popcorn, high-flying playground equipment acrobatics, and toddlers playing lions and bears. Absolutely magical. Magical in the Narnia sense of the word. It's amazing what the minds of children can conjure up.

There are about 40 adults here (plus kids) from as many denominations and sending agencies going to every continent but Austrailia and Antartica. God is so huge. And surprising. One thing that I got from seminary was a better appreciation of the grandeur of God, His majesty and the utter weight of His glory. He is so beyond me. Yet here we are, going to do His work. Whew. Looking forward to what else He has to teach us.

Oh, and these were taken just outside our room:

Not a bad place, Colorado.


Free and Living said...

aw, sorry you were sick! what a beautiful place to live and prepare!

Justin said...

So, uh, do you guys even have free time for visitors? Are you doing normal 9-5 Mon-Fri kind of work?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yeah. We have class from 8:45-4:00 M-F and we have the weekends free. Which is good because that's when we got sick!

And if anyone's coming through Colorado Springs, let us know!

We have evenings off too - play kickball, hike, watch the Mav's through rabbit ears. We also use evenings/weekends to get "business" type things done.