So today marks our half-way point in our time at MTI.

We're taking two courses here:

SPLICE - a cultural/interpersonal/spiritual course. It's 3 weeks long and ends Friday.
PILAT - a linguistics training course designed to give us tools to learn language. We start it Monday

SPLICE (that's an acronym) has given us some good tools in our tool box. Mostly it has given us emotional, rather than intellectual tools. Things like dealing with conflict, loss and grief. Saying goodbye well and just working through the difficulties of cross-cultural ministry. A big part of it was also how to enter a culture with the posture of a learner. All in all it has been magnificent. We have been a part of a Christian community that we have not quite ever experienced. We lived with about 40 adults and their kids under one roof ( a very big roof) for the entire time. Ate every meal together, experienced every trial together. We hang out and love each other. A dozen or more people took care of our son when we could not. That may be the most amazing aspect of our experience here: people who love Jesus loving one another. If people really do that, no mater how much training or seminary, no matter how difficult the culture or circumstance or context - then the Lord's work is getting done. May it be.

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Joye said...

Amen. May it be. What an unforgettably important experience you and Jenny are having. The terrorist scenario must have been terrifying.