Anyone for a stretch?

Jenny just said, "I'm getting stretched here like never before."

Good description.

Here's the question:
What is the single most stressful thing missionaries endure on the mission field?

Any guesses?

The answer:
Conflict with other missionaries.

Not learning another language or culture shock or financial strain or bugs or sickness or how to eat grubs.

Surprised? We were. And we started learning today how we handle conflict. And Jenny and I handle it differently. Her motto: "Just do it". Mine: "It will work itself out." Haha. Of course we knew that about each other, but what we hadn't spent much time thinking about is how we will handle conflict when we hit it in Guatemala where we will be under the strain of another culture, two foreign languages and having some tummy bug make us spend more than the average time in the bathroom.

Our homework for today:

Ask 3 people, "How do I come across in terms of conflict and how does that impact you?"

Should be fun,


Joye said...

I do believe it. About the conflict part. Sure seems like a sad thing, though, when missionaries need each other so much and could bless each other in so many different ways. Happy stretching!

Brandon and Jenny said...


And what's most sad is that our witness for Christ is MOST seen through our relationships within the body. When we fight in the body, our message has no validity

Joye said...

Yeah, that goes for here at home, too.