On the road again


We left yesterday and will be gone for 9 weeks.

That's a really long time! It seemed like forever ago that we would be going to Colorado for training and wham! Here we are. Too many exclamation points. Sorry! ! !


We have no idea how to prepare to be gone that long. We packed our car full and still forgot some things. Oh well. I don't reckon there will be a luggage in glory, right?

Oh, and by the way, when I said we'd cry at our last Bible study - I was right. Goodness. You never know how massively and deeply God has moved until other people tell you. How good is the Lord? How wonderful that our just showing up, praying and serving actually mattered. Whew. But there were tears. And tears hurt. Jude even cried. But it was good.

Thanks for those of you who pray for us. Please keep it up. I'll try to post almost daily in Colorado.

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