Into the "?"

We're at MTI (missionary training international ) in Palmer Lake Colorado. For those of you who are as CO geography illiterate as me, that's just north of Colorado Springs. Also known as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We are going through the SPLICE program (see web site for info) where we will gain skills for cross-cultural ministry. Today they had us draw (with our weak hand - my left -) a picture representing where we are in life. So I took a fuschia crayon (it was the sharpest, if crayons are ever really sharp) and drew a platform in the middle of the page surrounded by a cloud with a big "?" in the middle of it. To the left I drew (if you could call it that) a sort of fat stick figure of me leading Deacon-holding Jenny by the hand and leaping for the platform. To the right of the platform was a bright yellow light with a whole bunch of little fuschia people in it. Underneath us was a really awkward drawing of a hand which was supposed to represent God's hand upholding us as a family as we jumped out in faith. Oh, the little fuschia people are the folks in Guatemala the Lord wants us to serve.

cheesy huh?

What's funny though is that Jenny drew almost the same picture. And she wasn't looking at mine.

freaky huh?

We have a lot to chew on after today. The folks at MTI are attempting - and succeeding - to reveal how deeply rooted are our own cultural values. We're still processing it so to tell you details would just be confusing. But we are enjoying it.

And if anyone's going to be in Colorado Springs between now and June 30th, give us a holler.

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