Ahh, Spring!

I always wonder what my favorite season is. I like summer because there are cookouts and baseball and roadtrips and pool parties. But summer in Texas is HOT. So it wears on me. I like fall when the leaves change and the cool weather starts to show up. Thanksgiving pops up and we sprint toward Christmas (my favorite holiday) and, again, cooler weather shows up. Now winter around here is pretty nice because we usually get rain and a handful of cold snaps and Jenny gets to wear all her favorite sweaters. We can have fires and camping is great.

But nothing is like spring.

The world pops back alive! Stuff turns green and flowers bust out to wave howdy to the leaves and bugs and birds. Rain comes and days are warm. Nights are cool and life is booming. Yes, there are pollen, allergies, and wasps but hey, so what? It's like God says, "wake up world!" and the world obeys. Life and light and color and smell and sound just seem intensified every spring. I love it.

And this is Deacon's first spring! He gets to spend walks in the sun and hear birds a chirpin' and singin' away. He's going to start crawling this spring. Life moves during spring and it reminds me that things are not meant to stay the way they are. One day death will loose it's grip on life. One day pain will cease and darkness will be no more. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! One day all things will be made new. I have no idea what that will look like...but spring gives me a glimpse into the renewing nature of God. He is a restorer, a redeemer and man, does He do a bang-up job every spring!

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Stacey C said...

The weather changing means the children will begin to get squirrlie. Its nice to look back around this time of year and realize how far the children have developed. They grow so fast.