Kid on a swing

Yesterday some kids at school asked me to push them on the swings. I thought for a moment and told them, "no - but i'll teach you how to swing by yourself". The ones who were tall enough to touch the ground got themselves started and the little ones got a start off push from me. After just a few minutes of getting them into the rhythm of things they were off and swinging...a whole row of 'em.

One kid said, "we knew how to swing. we just wanted to be pushed."

He sat there and swung with the rest of them though. I told them how great they were doing and wasn't it great that they can swing so high all by themselves.

The little ones couldn't swing quite as high as the bigger kids, but they didn't seem to mind too much. They just gave it all they had and they were happy with the results. After they were going as far as they could I finally gave them all a push and they soared and laughed and I guess i soared a little too. I can't wait to teach Deacon how to swing and run and kick and get up when he falls. Seems so long but everyone tells me it will zip by in a blink.

I read Psalm 97 today and read about how unapproachable the Lord is. Fire goes before Him and lightning crackles about. Just a terrifying though. And yet He sheds light on the righteous and joy to the upright in heart. As awesome and terrible as God is He condescends to share Himself with us. We ask Him to push us on the swing because we don't want to do it on our own. The difference is that God's hand remains on us the whole time. We kick and swing and learn and soar and when we look, there He is laughing and enjoying time with us. God enjoys time with us. Wow.

Life is not easy but isn't there still room for recess? Man. How wonderful to be God's kid on a swing.

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