Back in the saddle again


We now have a son, Deacon Clayton:

Not a bad looking critter, all things considered.

We're just, well. It's wonderful. Although wonderful doesn't quite cut it. I now know how much my parents love me and I could never known before. It's so fun to see a PERSON with my little monkey toes and Jenny's lips and who knows what else is who''s all Deacon's, though.

This whole experience has given me just a tiny glimpse into the love God has for people. I love Jenny like mad but it is a love from which I receive something in return. That's not (thankfully) always my motivation, but if she does not reciprocate I get upset. Deacon on the other hand is pretty much incapable of reciprocating much at this point. But the love i have for him is no less powerful than the love I have for Jenny. It's entirely different - something I have never experienced before. A love with such depth and no romantic anything in the mix. Whew. And to think God loves us so very much more than this. How great is His love that He would give His only Son.

I cannot get my brain around that.


Stacey C said...

Glad to see you write something! This is a great picture of Deacon. Its great to see a man thoughts on something then computers, video games, and food!

Lindsay said...

Well said, Brandon. And as he gets older you will learn even more about God's love. When he is horrible to you and it grieves you but your love for him is unaffected, your understanding of God's love will grow. When he is exasperating and he colors on the wall AGAIN your understanding of God's love will grow. Children can bring out the worst in us, but they can also bring out the best. We are made more aware of our own weaknesses by them, but also more aware of God's love and mercy and grace. HOW GREAT HE IS.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Well I have a lot to look forward to then! "strength is perfected in weakness", right? It's funny how upside-down God's way of doing life is from the world around us.

Thanks for the comments!