the coming of Christmas

Why do stores wait until after Halloween to put up Christmas decorations? And has anyone noticed if they are leaving their decorations up any longer? I wonder how soon until the gap has closed?

I love Christmas. Don't get me wrong. But it is still a season, right? Would it be possible to leave stuff up until Easter then use the death and ressurection of Jesus to close out the celebration of His birth. Seems that would bring things full circle.

This is still my favorite time of year. I just love it and if I had more money i would SPEND it. But it makes me think how much would people notice if we just forgot the whole Jesus aspect of Christmas and simply gave stuff to each other and got a few more days off work? Then folks would only have to go to church once a year, on Easter, and then maybe they could, i don't know, watch more TiVo?

Home Depot now sells "Holiday Trees". I mean, really. Either bone up and call it a Christmas tree or just sell "Decorative house greenery" and let Hannacah and Ramadan and Kwanza have whatever they put up. France went totally secular. It's worked our great for them. Just ask the riot police.

All that to say, I really DO like Christmas.

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