The Theology of Science

I was reading in A.W. Tozer’s The Knowledge of the Holy and came across something that fascinated me.

“What we see in nature is simply the paths God’s power and wisdom take through creation. Properly these are phenomena, not laws, but we call them laws by analogy with the arbitrary laws of society.”

We (meaning people in the West and in general) assume that the laws of nature are the foundation of things. We assume that the law of gravity, the noble gas laws, the laws of thermodynamics, etc. are what form the framework of our natural world. But that is not the case. If Tozer is right, then these laws are only how God works in our world. Like invisible scaffolding, His power holds up His creation. We examine our world by science. It is the method by which we observe and make sense of the natural world in which we live. Science finds the rails of the scaffolds, tests and retests them, and makes those rails Laws because for the world to work like we think it does those things must remain constant. They remain constant because God does not change. His power and wisdom remain a forever always upon which the whole of creation rests.

Sadly, we see science as the enemy of theology, even of God. It should be the scientists who bow most humbly before Almighty God and praise His mighty works. There was a day when that happened but I do wonder if we will ever again have our Newtons and Paschals.

“Grant that God is infinite and self-existent and we see at once that He must be all-powerful as well, and reason kneels to worship before the divine omnipotence.” A.W. Tozer


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